The Interview

Jill Simms


The Authors' Showcase 

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Q Who is Jill Simms? 

What is the mission of The Authors’ Showcase?

A I am the mother of one adult daughter and I have a passion for sharing, teaching, and helping others evolve in business and the literary field. Our purpose and passion is to help authors birth and refine their literary work. We're the premier platform for aspiring and published authors to share their project journeys; learn how to transition their literary work from concept to reality; impart wisdom on the basic and advanced elements of English literature and publishing; as well as provide literary entertainment for avid readers

Q How did you decide to commit to becoming a business owner?

A For 25 years I worked for Fortune 500 companies at the corporate level. Organizational development, strategic planning, and development were part of my responsibilities. It was a friend, actually, that felt strongly I should coordinate a writers' event in Orlando, Florida. I decided I would host such an event and called it "More than a Notion" which became the company theme. I reached out to area authors & publishers and got a thumbs-up. Next, some talented logistics and administrative pros joined in and everything seemed to smoothly come together. The support and partnership from everyone was simply amazing. Next thing I knew, I was being asked for the date and location of the next Showcase. Plumb Line Consulting, LLC is the umbrella organization for the Authors’ Showcase program as well as the editing, publishing and book business educational services that I provide clients

Q What does most of your work concern itself with?

A Published authors, literary, copyright attorneys, communications, marketing and publishing experts share their wisdom, knowledge and journeys to bringing a literary work from concept to reality. There's so much to learn! Time is also scheduled to hold one-on-one sessions with attendees at events, as well as autograph and sell materials.


Whether working with aspiring or established writers, entrepreneurs or business owners, my work is around assisting leaders and their teams at maximizing their performance, productivity and potential. Most of the aspiring and published authors that I meet truly desire to focus on writing. There is also tremendous interest in self-publishing. However, the term “self-publisher” can be somewhat misleading. Therefore, I provide authors with the insight, techniques, tactics, and processes for not only producing their literary work, but operating their book business. I call it being the Book Business CEO.

Q/ What are your plans for your business?

A/ My primary focus for the Authors’ Showcase is to continue to educate my clients to aid them at skill-building, advancing and evolving their book business. The field of publishing on the surface appears to be rather simple to comprehend and execute. However, once someone steps into the publishing arena and peels back the skin of the onion, rather quickly the depth and complexity of publishing becomes evident. On the other hand, if the writer desires to focus on the creative side of writing, I continue to offer my editing and publishing services. I’m also excited that very soon I will be re-launching the Authors’ Showcase broadcast which focuses on interviewing authors and literary specialists, as well as teaching a variety of literary and book business topics.

Q/ How do you intend to accomplish these plans?

A/ Being an ongoing learner and staying current are essential. Additionally, with today’s technology remaining fresh with how to reach clients (locally, regionally, nationally and globally) and deliver services are must-do’s. I will continue to use a diversity of formats to deliver information on writing and publishing, including via conferences, webinars, workshops, media broadcast and of course one-on-one consultation. I am particularly interested in partnering with others in the literary field to deliver information to small and large audiences. Meanwhile, I recently launched my new ebook “Don’t Make This $15,000 Self-Publishing Mistake” to provide both insight and several tools to aid aspiring and published authors with publishing and evolving their book business. This ebook is available on and

Q/ What have you learned about business? Biggest surprise?

A/ Publishing truly cannot be done alone – effectively. Particularly if the writer is not versed in writing and/or the publishing industry. And I’ve found that collaboration, team-work, partnerships and alliances are standards in the private sector. For authors to grow and expand, the work cannot be done solo. Linking with others who are experts in their respective crafts is critical for book business growth. However, this means trusting and relinquishing control in areas where the author is not the expert.

Q/ Biggest business challenge?

A/ Well there are at least two. First, writing is such a highly personal craft; and writers can be particularly sensitive about their work. Just reflect on our very own childhood school years when essays were scored by our school teachers. Students typically did not what their grades broadly announced by the teacher or an essay with a low grade – written in red ink – distributed by a classmate.

Secondly, ensuring that on-going learning is incorporated in a writer’s developmental plan is essential. Making the shift from being an individual contributor to the mindset of a CEO is not just important, but required of individuals choosing to evolve their literary and book business. Therefore, I partner with my clients by administering a variety of assessments. This helps increase self-awareness and opens the doors to on-going learning, development and growth.

Q/ Upcoming events?

A/Just presented at the Authorpreneur’s Summit on January 26th, 2019 in Lake Mary, Florida. Planning is currently underway for our next Authors’ Showcase conference as well as conference and webinars. Our Showcase website, will provide updates and interested parties can email me at [email protected] As mentioned earlier, my new ebook “Don’t Make This $15,000 Self-Publishing Mistake” which is available on and

Thank you, Jill. 

You're welcome.